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I am a Freelance photographer and videographer specializing in: Nature and Wildlife, Landscape, Abstract, Impressionistic, Surrealism, Photo Art, Experimental and (avidly learning) Astrophotography, Music Videos and some Wedding and Portraiture. Since I was 9 years old I have often carried a camera with me, hoping to capture all the beauty and memorable moments I have encountered along my life’s journey. I humbly love to share all the magic I see around me that sometimes can be missed in our hurried lives. For as long as I can recall, it has been one of my greatest wishes and aspirations to inspire, comfort, uplift and encourage others by way of all things beautiful. Photography just happens to be one medium of choice.

“Angel” Pet Portraits and Custom Made items are available upon Special Request

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Rhinestone Robin
Swan Song Sunrise
Day & Night
A composite of some of my photos of the Full Moon, Stars, Mars, Jupiter and it’s Moons, Comet Neowise and a recent Sunrise over Lake Ontario.

A sweet quote received on “Day & Night”:

“Your works of art are as if you were dancing through the universe and took us along for the ride……it’s wonderful to make the imagination soar………. TY❣️“-B.K.

Snowy Moon Dreams

Photo Gallery

Full Moon Rise February 27th, 2021

A Video Compilation of Cardinal Photographs with Spanish Acoustic Guitar Music

Icy Dream Sunrise 🌅
©Ann Aria Art & Photography, 2020 ❄❄❄
“Sunset Garden”
Osprey With “Cat”-ch of the Day


Mixed media of Oil Pastel Art and Various Nature Photos

“Golden Angel Fire”

Oil Pastel likeness to my daughter…

A different take on the Full Beaver Moon during the early stage of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Sadly it clouded over and I was not able to view any of the eclipse. So instead I decided to fully saturate the colors of the Moon and this is how it turned out. Some are unaware that the Moon actually does sport more than just the color grey. There are portions of deep greenish blue, purple and orange. This particular night the oranges and greens didn’t come out as much. But I think it still looks pretty neat! I brought out the ‘starry pixel bits’ too. Hope you enjoy! 😊🌃🌝

November Sunrise…those pink-sunlit frosted tree branches, just heavenly

Absolutely gorgeous, ethereal, magical, winter wonderland sunrise

“Lil Boy Blue Bookends”
What’s better than one stunning Male Indigo Bunting?? ☺💙😍🐦🐦

“Sublime Sunrise Sky”…Happy Canadian November 🍁🍃🌊⛅🍂🌿🌅

Roses are red, violets are blue, just like the lake and the sky, before me and you…
Stop Motion Sunrise Spray, Splash, like an eye around the Sun🌞
Glorious Sunrise

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  1. What lovely, colorful, dreamy and imaginative photographs! Many of them framable or calendar worthy… or even as desktop backgrounds! I’ll check back often!

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