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“Nature, like music, is a universal language…” ~Ann “Aria” Burstyn

Help me, to help you, in ensuring the beautiful, vulnerable wildlife stays safe in their natural habitats, that we humans are encroaching upon, more and more everyday…

My mission is to continue working with Animal Rescues, Domestic Animal Foster Programs and Nature & Wildlife Conservancies in order to raise money to help their cause. I channel the divine I encounter in Nature and the Wildlife through photography, art, music and writing. When you purchase my wildlife photographs, art, and music, you are helping me help you to cherish and honor nature and all creatures great and small. Proceeds from sales go to the greater mission of aiding our environment and all that inhabit it.

Foxy says “Please place your used masks in the garbage bin for my safety, the safety of other wildlife and for your well-being too.”
Foxy says “Please return your shopping carts to their rightful home so that my home is less cluttered.”

What is my mission? Why? How?


I have been an animal and nature lover ever since I can recall.  I have recollections of our family dog and two cats from when I was about six months old and up. At age 9, I brought a Kodak disposable camera with me on a Grade 3 school field trip to a place in Manitoba called Hadashville. I was excited to visit the forested area where we were to learn about forest fire prevention and help plant some pine trees as part of the day. I was also happy to take photos of the animals I saw there as well as my schoolmates and other elements of interest to me. I still have those photos to this day and cherish them. It was then that I grew to love photography, especially involving nature.

When I was 10, we had two new dogs whom I fell unconditionally and deeply in love with. I came to truly understand the bond between humans and dogs much more than I had when I was younger. 

In my twenties I was lucky to land the perfect job. I was working at a Dog Daycare that was also a shop that provided healthy organic foods, and all sorts of very useful and in some cases necessary accessories and various items for dogs, cats, rabbits and other species. I worked as an apprentice in health and wellness as well as training for dogs. I also served customers, watched/fed/trained/walked the dogs, and took care of the store overall. In order to better serve the store and dogs, I then took a course in dog behavior. One of my favorite parts of the job was to have many occasions to board some of the lovely dogs in my home. 

Developing a Love for all things Nature

Not long after that point, I began to discover the joys of wildlife and nature in general.  Being outdoors daily for many years now, I have learned the intriguing behaviors and habits of the wild animals around me. I also deeply sense the thoughts and feelings as well as vulnerability of these special souls. I am very cognizant of their strong intuition, emotions and intelligence. And of course their divinity and beauty is apparent. I have avidly observed, admired and studied these wild creatures. I have noticed that they are very aware of me, watching and studying me as well. When I have direct soul searching eye contact with them, there is nothing quite like the magical connection I instantly feel. There is an intensity and knowing in their eyes. They have an acute perception of ‘all’ and I can see and experience it in their gaze upon me. Most times they do not seem to feel threatened and stop staring and continue on with their business, still knowing full well that I am there. It is an amazing blessing to realize that they have a certain trust in me, picking up on my non-threatening and positive motives. They allow me to remain with them and continue viewing. I tend to name them all, pretty much as soon as I meet them and I also take note of any unusual markings on their bodies so that I will recognize them more easily in the future. These encounters have been all encompassing, enthralling and moving where I have experienced much delight, wonder, laughter and love. But I have also at times been brought to tears from fear and worry for the well being of the wonderful creatures I have interacted with.

My Mission to Help Nature and Wildlife

Sadly I have witnessed a lot of upsetting mistreatment of them from humans. When I saw a young boy throwing stones at the bushes my charming cardinal friends were in, the speeding cars nearly running down some of my sweet squirrel friends, the trash on the beach that the beautiful birds were trying to eat, including cigarette butts, the salts and foamy substances in the creeks that are homes to water fowl and other wildlife, calm, gorgeous foxes being angrily screamed at for merely wandering around searching for food, this hurt my soul to its core. Not to mention there are fox and seal hunts and other atrocities occurring on a daily basis around the globe. Add to all this, we are encroaching upon nature’s territory more and more. The tears flow. I now feel even more protective of the wilderness. The abuses have fueled my warrior soul’s fire and urged me to come to aid.

One of my passions is to photograph the animals to preserve my encounters with them and their unique personalities to share with you all in hopes that you too may appreciate some of all I have mentioned. I also capture all of this through videography, writing, art and music to help further illustrate and bring true awareness of the tribulation of the Wilds. As much as I enjoy the moments for myself, I aspire to pay it forward and to give you a window into this world so that perhaps you might go out and experience it for yourself. One of my purposes is to share with you what I have learned over the last number of decades from the wildlife. I believe they have taught me well. Animals and nature have much to teach all humans. Will we learn? Let us hope so. Are you a willing student? Indeed we all are students of life where Earth is the classroom. Life is too short to not at least give it a try. It may change your view on nature and be a catalyst to positive changes in your life. And then you too may decide to pay it forward to others in your life.

I am dedicated to and zealous about preserving the wilds around me and wish to inspire and encourage others to think about how they too can feel this connection to nature and how they can also help in this quest. I have a strong will to bring more awareness to the plight of Nature as a whole. I aim to help be a force of change in my own way in speaking on behalf of nature. Secrets and Teachings of the Forest, you too can discover these hidden treasures and answers. The wilds are waiting for you, can you hear the calls? The Calls of the Wilds. Will you work with me to answer the calls for our help? Humankind and Nature can work in tandem to make it a better world for both. How can we safely co-exist as Man and Nature? What are the ways we can help the wilds thrive?

Why We Should Care About Nature

Why should we care? Nature is here to teach and heal you. It is one of the greatest, most humbling and magnificent gifts bestowed upon mankind for which I for one am most grateful. The trees help us breathe. Animals teach us unconditional love. The earth grounds us. The flowers offer aromatherapy. The waters cleanse our bodies and souls. The clouds help us to dream. The breeze caresses our tired worried bodies. The vocalizations of the birds, bees, cicadas, crickets, coyotes, wolves and other wildlife is divine music to our ears. Being out in and at one with nature is one of the purest forms of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical therapy. Look up and look around, away from your devices. There is endless magic all around you. Mother Nature is the most gifted artist you will ever bear witness to. Nature, like music, is a universal language. Can we learn to be more silent and listen to it more? And in turn can we then interpret its messages, learn from them and help in any way we are able to keep that music alive and well? I believe it is never too late. All we have is now and now is definitely the time. Personally I am working towards this goal and will add more information here in the coming days as to the progress and how you can also take part should you wish to. I offer you my time and energy, in helping you help me, to help the ones that need us the most; the ones without voices for which we must speak up for. We as a human race have a responsibility to take this action.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to connect with you more soon in striving to work together on this journey… ~Ann

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