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My goal is to work together with you in helping the ones that need us the most; the ones without voices for which we must speak up for; nature and wildlife. My aim is to ensure that our natural environment and its vulnerable wildlife thrives. Especially since we humans are encroaching upon the natural habitats, more and more everyday…

By channeling the divine I encounter in Nature and Wildlife, through photography, art, music and writing, there is passion in revealing to you the true wonder of all living things around us. Connecting with nature and wild animals, soul to soul, moves and drives me to take action to safeguard this magical ecosystem. In turn sharing these experiences with others instills the hope that you too will see the true divinity of Nature and why we should protect it. Nature and animals have emotion, intelligence and souls which can be undeniably seen and felt in the images displayed on this page and throughout this site.

Ann with bird friend “Olive” the beautiful Scarlet Tanager!

Currently I am working with the Toronto Wildlife Centre https://www.torontowildlifecentre.com/ in order to help raise awareness and funds, so that when collectors purchase my art, it is a collaboration where proceeds go towards helping to save lives of the animals that desperately need us. My hope and gratitude is that my art will move you in such a way to find a place in your home, to be a reminder of your love and honor of the wildlife, and our beautiful environment as a whole.

Thank you,

~Ann Burstyn

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Red Tailed Hawk in the glow of the cloud shrouded morning Sun
One of the most beautiful Red Fox Vixens I have ever had the absolute pleasure of spending quality time with. She came running up to me on one of my early morning walks and stayed close while hunting for her breakfast.
One of my gorgeous Red Fox friends “Foxy” following me on one of my Photo Walks…no photos do him justice. When one comes across one of these beauties, you feel their serenity and high intelligence immediately and can be only but in awe…

All images on this official site and also at this link:  https://www.redbubble.com/people/Annariaart/shop?asc=u   . are available for purchase in order to help raise funds for the the Toronto Wildlife Centre.  There are frequently new items being added on both sites so please feel free to check in on them often! All products can be creatively adjusted for personal preferences. *Other custom wildlife and nature pieces made upon special request*

August 13th, 2022- On my very early morning walk this morning, this lovely gent stopped me to ask about the photography I was doing. I explained that I was taking photos of the wildlife in the park and surrounding area and that I am on a mission to help raise funds to help the Toronto Wildlife Centre among others. He right away said that we need to protect nature. I suddenly felt the urge to interview and record him on the spot. He appeared out of nowhere and it seemed like kismet! So he agreed and we went with it on the fly. Love his message and it is directly in line with mine! Thank you universe, yet again you have come through! ❤ ❤ ❤

My band Dream Aria has dedicated three of our songs from our latest album “Out of the Void”, “Song of Hope” and “The Hourglass”, to this cause. “Song of Hope” features my daughter Aleeah (12 years old at the time) and myself singing together and can be found on every page on this site. The video  “The Hourglass” audio/video can be found here: https://youtu.be/1GqoNsyu09w


Polar Sparkle and Splash

The King

Polar Sense

Sweet Wild Rabbit watching a glorious sunset along with me

Peekaboo Skunk friend in my neighborhood
Nuthatch Friend

These lil sweeties rather enjoy a nice gentle tummy rub while nibbling on goodies

Sweet Chipmunk “holding hands” while accepting a treat

Wild deer paying an up close and personal visit

My daughter making a new friend-Male Downy Woodpecker

Always making new friends-Nuthatch

Curious adorable Mink observing my every move on a nearby hiking trail.

My Male Northern Cardinal friend “Peanut” whose family I have been watching and interacting with for the last 6 years. Such a blessing and joy to share endless wondrous moments with them.

One of my squirrel friends “Shirley Girl” resting and watching me go on about my Nature photography business

Great Blue Heron in the Great Blue

Sharing a warm fuzzy group hug with a Trio of the always beautiful, noble and stunning, intelligent yet humorous English Setter breed. My first dog was a Setter named “Blue” due to his tri-color but dominant color blue shade. He taught me about unconditional love and forever loyal kinship for which I am eternally grateful for.

Very friendly Swan whom a young boy had just fed seeds, insisting upon learning whether or not I too had some to share.


Photo Capture-Art of friend “Ozzy”, the stunningly gorgeous Harris Hawk with beautiful feathered hues of chocolate and Indian red. He is very affectionate and prefers to spend time with humans rather than being alone.


When Trees DreamPhoto Art from one of my Winter Wonderland Hikes

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